Fitness Classes

Our fitness programs offer something for everyone! Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out on the road to better health and fitness, come by to learn more about how our experienced staff can help you reach your goals!

Muay Thai at Thunder Dome Sports, NRH, TX

Beyond Fit Fitness Bootcamp

Get a high-level calorie-burn in our fitness bootcamp class! Each workout is modified to fit each person’s individual needs! We train home-makers, triathletes, Jiu-Jitsu competitors, fitness enthusiasts, and fighters! We have room for everyone! #gobeyond #trainlikemad #strongereveryday

Cardio Kickboxing

A high intensity cardiovascular and conditioning workout.  Boxing is one of the best ways to strengthen and stimulate the core while toning the entire body. Foot work is very important in boxing and the power to a punch actually starts in the legs. Learning combinations, how to through punches correctly, land devastating blows, kick hard, and how to counter-strike are some of the exciting techniques you will learn in this class.

Conditioning helps to tone and sculpt problem areas!


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